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Thank you for visiting nature. You are using a browser version with limited support for CSS. To obtain the best experience, we recommend you use a more up to date browser or turn off compatibility mode in Internet Explorer. In the meantime, to ensure continued support, we are displaying the site without styles and JavaScript. A Nature Research Journal. Cutinases are promising agents for poly ethylene terephthalate PET bio-recycling because of their ability to produce the PET monomer terephthalic acid with high efficiency under mild reaction conditions. In this study, we found that the low-crystallinity PET lcPET hydrolysis activity of thermostable cutinase from Thermobifida fusca TfCut2 , was increased by the addition of cationic surfactant that attracts enzymes near the lcPET film surface via electrostatic interactions.

Photosystem II reaction center protein M

Top state and local government and political news from all the islands. Free Blog Counter. Friday, August 21, Ige approves resort bubbles, Oahu inmate release spurs controversy, ‘Temptation Island’ filming postponed, more news from all the Hawaiian Islands.

Head, the Department of Orthopedic Surgery, Meijo Hospital, , Nagoya, Japan. Noriaki Kawakami. Director, the Ishida Orthopedic Clinic, Niwa-gun, ​

But what prompted it? The move that appears on its face to be aimed at containing the virus may also be about containing damage to his reputation regarding crisis management, preparation for the Tokyo Olympics and handling of the struggling economy. As the domestic crisis unfolded, the prime minister was chided for a too-little-too-late initial response, despite his insistence that his administration was racing to contain the pneumonia-causing virus.

Reactions to the virus around the world stood in contrast to measures taken by Japan. The United States and Australia banned the entry of foreign nationals who have been to China over the previous 14 days, while Tokyo adopted significantly less stringent measures — limiting entry from only two Chinese provinces. Other government moves have faced scrutiny.

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Saturday, Aug. Ilani Lopez looks over the lot filled with rental car overflow, Monday across the Vidinha Stadium parking lot. The third, a resident recently returned from New York, is isolated at home and in stable condition.

The emotional responses to achievement contexts of preschool children from three cultural groups were Kiyoko Takai-Kawakami.

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Honolulu Mayor Slammed For Offering Kauai As Coronavirus Test Case

Cross-validation for the selection of spectral variables using the successive projections algorithm. This work compares the use of a separate validation set and leave-one-out cross-validation to guide the selection of variables in the Successive Projections Algorithm SPA for multivariate calibration. Two case studies involving diesel and corn analysis by NIR spectrometry are presented.

A graphical interface for SPA is available at www. Keywords: multiple linear regression, variable selection, successive projections algorithm, cross-validation, near-infrared spectrometry. The Successive Projections Algorithm SPA is a variable selection technique specifically designed to improve the conditioning of Multiple Linear Regression MLR by minimizing collinearity effects in the calibration data set.

Organomercury refers to the group of organometallic compounds that contain mercury. The first such reaction, including a mercuration of benzene itself was reported by Otto Dimroth between and CS1 maint: date format (link​); ^ W.A. Herrmann, ed. (). Synthetic Masao Ono & Masaya Kawakami (​).

The critics included Lt. It was a pretty stunning comment. Kawakami said the comments by Caldwell had blindsided him. State and county officials criticized Honolulu Mayor Kirk Caldwell for suggesting Kauai as a test case for reopening tourism. Local and state officials are grappling with a far broader dilemma of what it will take for tourists to start coming back. The concern applies to Kauai, in particular, because the island, so far, has fared better than the rest of the state during the COVID crisis.

COVID-19 in a Long-Term Care Facility — King County, Washington, February 27–March 9, 2020

Sadayo Kawakami is a character from Persona 5. She is a teacher at Shujin Academy and the protagonist’s homeroom teacher. Kawakami is a youthful-looking woman of medium height and a slender build.

However, immune-mediated hypersensitivity reaction to IP vancomycin has not yet To date, the most common toxicity with vancomycin is RMS, which is caused by K Shukunami, T Kurokawa, Y Kawakami, M Kubo, F KotsujiHypersensitivity.

The microstructure of Ti-5Al Furthermore, the effect of the living body environment on mechanical properties and fracture toughness in Ti-5Al The data of Ti-5Al The rotating-bending fatigue strength of SUS L is degraded in the simulated body environment. The corrosion fatigue, therefore, occurs in SUS L in the simulated body environment. Fatigue strength of Ti-5Al The mechanical property and fracture toughness of Ti-5Al The hard-surface corrosion layer is, however, formed on the surface of SUS L in the living body environment.

The C1 peak is detected from the hard-surface corrosion layer by energy-dispersive X-ray EDX analysis. These facts suggests a possibility for corrosion fatigue to occur in the living body environment when SUS L is used. The fibrous connective tissue and new bone formation are formed beside all metals. There is, however, no big difference between tissue morphology around each implant material. This is a preview of subscription content, log in to check access.


HEP Experiments. Learn more. Advisor: Miyake, Shoko. Research works Cited by.

response latency and self-report measures predicted bias and perceptions of bias in verbal Kawakami, Department of Social Psychology, University of Nijmegen, follows: “Dating in the current era has some advantages and disadvantages.

Cyano group as a versatile functionalized intermediate has been explored for several decades, as it readily transfers to many useful functionalization groups such as amine, amide, acid, etc. Reactions involved with element-cyano bond cleavage can provide not only a new cyano group but also a freshly functionalized skeleton in one-pot, consequently making it of high importance. This review article will focus on transition metal catalyzed reactions involving element-cyano bond activation.

Synthetic organic chemistry has advanced significantly during the past few decades. Although these carbon-carbon formation methods have made considerable use in pharmaceutical and medical chemistry, there is additional high demand for these reactions via green chemistry and sustainability technology. Other bond-bond construction reactions such as carbon-nitrogen and carbon-oxygen formations are reported to a less extent. Actually, one of the unremitting efforts that modern chemists are pursuing constantly is to develop efficient methods for bond activation and related synthetic reactions.

Moreover, less or even no waste intermediates will be generated during the transformations of new and efficient types.

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