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Friends fans have reignited the age-old debate about who Rachel should have ended up with on the sitcom – Ross or Joey? When it comes to television shows, everyone has their opinion on characters getting into relationships. And it seems that even years after a show has ended, people still have some serious thoughts on how the on-screen relationships played out – take for instance Ross and Rachel in 90s sitcom Friends. The show may have finished back in , but in fans have just reignited the age-old debate over whether Rachel should have ended up with Joey instead. People are currently airing their views all over the internet, with users on Twitter and Mumsnet arguing over who was the better choice for Jennifer Aniston’s character. Singer Julia Michaels fueled the flames when she asked fans which team they were on, Joey or Ross. She went on to reveal that she herself preferred Joey who was “supportive and caring”, while Ross was “selfish”. Many people agreed with her, though there were of course those who believed Ross and Rachel were endgame. But what do the actors who played Ross, Rachel and Joey think about it all?

The Friends Cast Hated This Storyline Just as Much as Everyone Else

While the show witnessed a lot of ups and downs, love stories, marriages, children and more, the bond shared between the friends garners the most amount of love! One of the other major highlights of the show was Chandler and Monica’s relationship which is till day everyone’s ultimate favourite. From being BFFs to realising that they have this spark of chemistry in between the sheets, their love story is truly one of a kind and definitely an inspiration to never give up on love.

How can we ever forget that moment when Chandler goes to Monica after their fight over the ‘spoiled weekend’ and asks if it is all over. Well, Monica truly won our hearts and minds over the fact when she mentioned that “You do not give up on a relationship because of one silly fight” So true, Monica! Apart from these wise words of dating, we also had tips from the characters on how to make sure you don’t upset your girlfriend who loves to cuddle!

After kissing in Barbados, Joey and Rachel start dating on the series — but ultimately decide they are better off as friends. Rachel goes on to.

Friends aired for about ten years and had six main characters. Monica and Chandler end up married and moving to the suburbs, with two kids. Bustle notes that many fans felt bummed to see Chandler and Monica leave New York. They were expecting just one baby, but instead, they got a boy and a girl, whom they name Jack and Erica. Ross and Rachel end up together at last after having a child, Emma, together.

On the series finale, Phoebe and Ross go to the airport to try to convince Rachel to stay, but she still gets on the plane. When Ross arrives home at his apartment, he gets a message from Rachel saying that she made a mistake. As a flight attendant tries to keep her from getting off the plane, the voicemail cuts off. Fans love that Rachel and Ross finally reunited. They hold the ceremony on a snowy street near Central Perk. As Bustle notes, Phoebe plays a supporting role in the series finale of the show.

She accompanies Ross to the airport to try to stop Rachel from leaving New York. Phoebe got her fairytale ending, and helped her friends to get theirs, too. But what he does get is a new chick and duck.

This will definitely change your mind about Joey and Rachel in Friends

EastEnders: 90s singer Mica Paris to play ‘formidable’ character in Walford. These two did things right, becoming best friends before falling head over heels in love… and, as a result, their marriage is as unshakeable as ever. Raising twins was hard work obviously , but both of the Bings were hugely hands-on parents – and Chandler made sure that he was there to take over the night feeds and nappy changes when his talented wife was working at her restaurant.

It goes without saying that Chandler, after a decade in advertising, is a huge success – so much so that he can work from home, and be there for the kids when they get home from school.

It’s hard to explain how Friends, especially Rachel and Joey’s relationship is just one What about that time he started dating his teenage college student as a you have to start wondering what exactly they’re doing wrong.

Please enter your username or email address. You will receive a link to create a new password via email. There is for romance was the us with more marriages than any other dating. Directed by kevin bright. Friends at the end of the wrong places? Did anyone like joey dating man in friends relationships. Rachel should have ended up late wedding present: joey was really infatuated with jennifer aniston has weighed in the most watched tv.

Friends: Ross And Rachel Or Joey And Rachel? Who Deserved Rachel More

By Saul Austerliz. It began with a sense of profound concern. The audience had been trained too well, through years of affection for a beloved show, and felt they knew exactly what was to come. Friends had dominated the Nielsen ratings [the US audience measurement system] for more than half a decade, and as the show began the long, slow process of wrapping up, the audience was confident that in the end, they would receive precisely what they wanted.

Ross and Rachel, star-crossed lovers and bickering exes, perpetually on the brink of reconciliation, would wind up together, happily coupled off.

Joey is hurt when he finds out Chandler doesn’t like it. Monica has a job interview with a restaurant manager who has a salad fetish. Rachel’s starting to date.

They reportedly told co-creator David Crane “You can’t do that! The road to happily ever after was long and winding for the six main players on Friends , and understandably so — how could you produce a fresh and interesting series for 10 seasons without keeping elements of uncertainty in play? It was a pairing that always felt inevitable despite the reality that the characters spent the bulk of the series apart. There was always something or someone standing between Ross and Rachel, be it a girlfriend or boyfriend, a list of flaws, a Mark, a copy girl, an page letter, an altar in London … After seven years of skillful evasion on the Ross and Rachel front, co-creator David Crane decided to up the stakes with what could and would prove to be a horrible misstep: pairing Rachel and Joey.

The beginnings of the idea crop up in the middle of season 8 when Joey takes Rachel then-pregnant with Emma on a date after she mentions how much she misses getting dressed up and going out. By the end of the episode, Joey realizes his feelings for Rachel have left the friend zone. A few episodes later, Joey gets up the nerve to tell Rachel how he feels. Toward the end of the ninth season, Rachel finds herself harboring feelings for Joey. By Isabel Jones Updated Oct 18, pm. Save Pin FB ellipsis More.

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Friends cast were totally opposed to Joey and Rachel’s ‘incestuous’ relationship

He periodically shows up throughout the series, continuing to pine after Phoebe. Eight seasons later, Phoebe sets Rachel up on an intentionally terrible blind date with the same friend who lost his restaurant because of a drug problem and now makes inappropriate T-shirts. Joey starts dating Erika Ford Shields , who thinks that Drake is real and she can see him through the magical box in her living room.

The two start dating, but the relationship turns out to be a ruse for Susie to enact some lingering grade-school vengeance. Phoebe plans to help Malcolm Arquette get over her sister, but soon learns that his obsession is not so easy to drop. Jon Favreau: A customer at the diner with a crush on Monica turns out to be billionaire businessman Pete Becker Favreau.

Rachel and Joey go out on a pretend date, but it starts bringing out feelings in Joey that he didn’t know he had. Phoebe gives Monica and Chandler a Ms. Pac-​Man.

Is ‘Selling Sunset’ Fake? Chrissy Teigen Questions if Agents are Real. Love ‘Lovecraft Country’? The entirety of Friends revolved around, well, friends. That is if you just happen to date all your friends and have kids with them. The ups, the downs, and all-the-way-back-arounds went on for ten whole seasons.

Friends without benefits: how Joey and Rachel’s fling killed off the sitcom

If enough people pledge, I might be able to be convinced that Ross and Rachel are right for each other. Joey than on the blog! For the sake of this argument, please suspend reality and assume that Friends is really, really important. Sure, the show was written to emotionally drive us towards spoiler alert! Or were we falsely manipulated? I would contend that we were.

It was Joey who first started crushing on Rachel but was shot down after revealing his feelings. Then, it was Rachel’s turn to start seeing Joey as more than just a.

The relationship between protagonists Joey Tribbiani and Rachel Greene first began in season eight. During seasons 5, 7, and early parts of season 8, Joey playfully flirts with Rachel. She never takes this seriously and rebuffs him. As time progresses, she begins to have fun living with Joey so much that she decides to stay with him, after Phoebe’s apartment is poorly rebuilt with one bedroom in the season seven episode ” The One With The Holiday Armadillo “.

In the Season 5 episode ” The One With All The Resolutions “, Joey and Rachel kissed on New Year’s Day, but this was simply part of a plan to allow Chandler and Monica to kiss despite their currently secret relationship Joey arguing that Ross would prefer that Chandler kiss his sister rather than Joey and Ross reasoning that kissing Phoebe as the ball dropped would be less awkward than Rachel, although Rachel was less bothered than Ross.

In the season 5 episode, ” The One With Joey’s Bag “, Rachel helps Joey look good for his audition by helping him choose an outfit and accessories including a bag. When Joey thinks its a woman’s bag, Rachel tells him its unisex, which he thinks she wants to have sex with him, which he says he’s not gonna say no to, confusing her.

In the season eight episode, ” The One With The Stain “, Rachel starts to look for an apartment for her and her unborn baby, who Ross is the father of, without consulting Joey first. When Ross finally tells him about this, he becomes worried, and decides to sacrifice his sex life in order to help Rachel look after the baby, just as Ross gets her the “good” apartment. In the episode, ” The One With Ross’ Step Forward “, Rachel wants to sleep with someone once since she doesn’t want an actual relationship and starts coming onto Joey when she is talking to him about it.

The two start somewhat freaking out, saying they can’t do it and he says it’s wrong especially because they are friends. Joey then asks Rachel if she wants to do it and she shouts “No! When the two go back in their rooms, Rachel tries to go to Joey, but he stops her before she can go into his room, with saying “Get back in there!

Friends writer explains why Phoebe and Joey never ended up together

They have enough water always sipped from refrigerated bottles. They have enough food usually pizzas the size of a toilet mat. So they invariably turn to the next item on the survival agenda. No one really drinks they once drank five bottles of wine between them.

“I think there was a moment when Joey and Rachel got together that maybe The star, who’s returning to primetime television opposite Reese.

Some fans weren’t convinced, arguing that Joey and Rachel seem more like a pairing written in to spice up the show plus, we all know Joey is the ultimate bachelor. But to other fans, Joey and Rachel being together just makes perfect sense, and you should really hear the argument out. For one thing, the duo have an unmistakable bond. Rachel helps Joey become more mature and respectful of women, while Joey helps Rachel loosen up and become more comfortable with herself.

Their brief relationship is far from perfect, but it shows Joey in a new light without it feeling out of character. It’s through getting to know her and forming a close bond after living together that makes Joey realize there’s potential for a relationship. He listens to her when she needs support and doesn’t judge her. He puts aside his womanizer ways to try to have a healthy relationship with her, and genuinely cares about her and Emma.

When Rachel has to move in with Joey after accidentally burning down Phoebe’s apartment, she quickly realizes Joey’s personality goes well with hers. Unlike the Gellars, who clashed with Rachel over their type-A personalities, Joey’s chill attitude allows Rachel to feel comfortable being herself. Pre-relationship, Joey is completely ready to sacrifice his womanizing ways so he can help Rachel out with Emma.

In the next season, we see how he continues to help his pal out when she moves back in with him after she briefly tries to live with Ross. He even considers giving his beloved stuffed penguin Hugsy to Emma to make both Rachel and the baby happy.

Friends creator reveals Joey and Rachel’s ‘controversial’ relationship was never meant to be

She said to him as much during their memorable faux-date. But all that evolved in Season 9 when Rachel formed a bit of a crush on her actor friend. They eventually got together throughout a trip to Barbados, but their relationship established short-lived. They split within three episodes, and their time as more than friends was never to be spoken of again.

That in mind, have a glimpse at both couples with new eyes to settle things for all: Did Rachel make the right choice? Joey was in love very much with Rachel.

So it’s understandable if you don’t remember all the ins and outs of each character’s dating history (or Ross and Rachel end up together at last (after having a child, Emma, together). Joey doesn’t end the Friends finale with a partner. table and all of his best friends coupled off and starting families.

Joseph Francis Tribbiani Jr. He lived with a few other roommates when Chandler moved out to move in with Monica. Joey was presumably born in as he talks about being 13 in His father Joseph Tribbiani, Sr. Robert Costanzo , is a pipefitter , and his mother’s name is Gloria Brenda Vaccaro. As a child, he was extremely accident-prone.

Joey is portrayed as promiscuous and dim-witted but good-natured, as well as very loyal, caring, and protective of his friends. He is a food-loving womanizer who has had more luck with dates than any of the other group members. He enjoys playing video games and foosball , loves sandwiches and pizza, and is a big fan of Baywatch. As a struggling actor, he is constantly looking for work. He does not like sharing food and has difficulty with simple mathematics. Joey Tribbiani is a member of the Screen Actors Guild , [6] having refused to follow in his father’s footsteps and become a pipefitter.

Our 25 favorite ‘Friends’ celebrity cameos, from Winona Ryder to Tom Selleck

Picking up at the Las Vegas chapel where we left them, Chandler and Monica look on as Ross and Rachel stumble out of the chapel, blind drunk and newly married. Joey and Phoebe rush in, trying to stop the wedding but learn from Chandler and Monica that they’re too late. The next morning Ross and Rachel wake up in the same bed and have no recollection of the events from the night before.

When Rachel gets up to use the bathroom, Ross rolls over and the words “Just Married” are scrawled across his back.

And we all got emotional when Ross (David Schwimmer) and Rachel (Jennifer 2) Joey is dating Erica After Chandler and Monica moved away – and Joey headed off to star in his own TV show – Ross and Rachel started getting on each​.

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Friends – Barbados, Part 5 / 5 – Joey and Rachel Kiss